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Glossary of Mexican Slang

Tuesday November 17, 2009


My Dear friends,

This glossary represents our culture, learn it and trust me… you can live in Mexico without any problems! Also after reading it things will make sense… Oh and don’t forget to add new ones…

aguas / echar aguas - watch out / be on the look out (lit.: waters)
andar de piruja / pirujo - engage in slutty behavior, moderately vulgar
andar pedo - to be drunk, moderately vulgar andar tomado - to be drunk
una apretada - frigid or uptight girl (lit.: tightly gripped, derogatory)
un apretado - pennypincher / cheap (lit.: tightly gripped)
una ballena - beer in a 40 oz. bottle (lit.: whale)

la banda - group of friends los baros -
pesos la bola - a group of people, esp. friends (lit.: a ball)
buena onda - good vibes; good feelings (lit.: good wave)
las bubis - breasts (lit.: Spanglish phoneticization of ‘boobies’)
un cabrón - bastard / SOB / bad ass (lit.: male goat), vulgar
esta cabrón - a tough situation, vulgar
cachonda / cachondo - horny; passionate (lit.: in heat), moderately vulgar
una caguama - beer in a 40 oz. bottle (lit.: a species of large sea turtle)
carnal - close friend; a close relative (lit.: flesh)
la casa chica - a love nest; the house your mistress lives in (lit.: little house)
chaca chaca - a quickie chafa - cheap; low quality
chale! - calm down; you’re kidding etc.
una chamaca / un chamaco - child; young person; teen chance - opportunity; perhaps (lit.: Spanglish, chance)
el chango - a mix of heroin and cocaine (lit. monkey)
una chela - beer
el chemo - glue (sniffing) las chichis - breasts chido - cool; good; high quality
chiflado / chiflada - crazy; nutcase un chilpayate - a boy; a young man; a teen un chimuelo / una chimuela - a person missing front teeth
chingar - to screw up; to f*ck up, vulgar
chin! - oops; darn (lit. short for chingada), slightly vulgar
chinga tu madre - go f*ck your mother, extremely vulgar
la chingada - extremely bad, vulgar un chingo - a large amount, moderately vulgar
chipichipi - continous rainy drizzle; fussy, whiny behavior of a child
la chiva - heroin (lit. female goat)
chiviar - to feel embarrassment los chones - women’s underwear
el chorillo - diarrhea (lit.: spurt) el chorro - diarrhea (lit.: torrent)
la chota - police
chula / chulo - attractive person
un chuntara - a person displaying vulgar taste chupar - to drink, esp. alcohol, moderately vulgar 
un churro - marijuana cigarette / joint (lit.: traditional cylindrically shaped donut) 
codo - to be cheap (lit.: elbow) como friegas! - what a f*cking pest you are!, vulgar
cortar - to break up (a relationship) (lit.: to cut)
crudo - to have a hangover (lit.: raw)
cual es tu pinche pedo? - what’s your f*cking problem?, vulgar
cuate - friend; buddy (lit.: non-identical twin)
un culera / una culero - asshole, vulgar
dar lata - to pester; to be bothersome (lit.: to give tin - instead of gold)
un desmadre - a disaster / a mess (lit.: to be motherless), vulgar
un escuincle - a bratty kid (lit.: a demon) esta canijo - a difficult situation esta cuero – good looking (lit.: skin)
esta perron - the best; the coolest (lit.: big dog)
la feria - change; coins; money una fichera - a woman earning in a bar with ‘ladies drinks’ (lit.: from ficha, a token)
fregado - ruined; destroyed; f*cked, moderately vulgar fresa - spoiled; a pampered person (lit.: strawberry, mildly derogatory)
gacho - unpleasant; ugly (lit.: a cow with down-turned horns)
un güey - an idiot; a fool, a guy (lit.: a steer), moderately vulgar
una golfa - a slut; a prostitute guácala! - an expression of disgust; yuck
guacarear - to vomit
una guera / un guero - a blonde; a person with a light complexion


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